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The bird pictured above is an Oregon Junco, also known as a Dark-Eyed Junco or a Snowbird. They live year-round in our area, and one of our entertainments is watching them scrap for food with the other birds at our feeders. They are perhaps the only species we might see every day of the year.
And so we have named both our home and our Web page "Junco Junction" in their honor.


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Junco Junction is the home of Bev and Bill Wilkinson. Learn more about us by clicking on one of the pictures to the right.
We aren't really inveterate bird watchers, but we do enjoy the large variety of birds that visit us throughout the year. Click on the birds to see the species we have seen here.
We chose to move to Washington in 1993. Yes, some of the many Californians who have moved North. Would you like to see a few of our reasons? Then please click on the pictures at right.
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